Be a front runner in cyber security and privacy with the consultants of Cqure.

Accelerating to the top

We often get a call from CISOs. Just for a quick chat to catch up. We know exactly what’s going on in in our profession and we understand what the critical issues are. This makes us equal sparring partners. The playing field is changing at lightning speed and the secure continuity of your business is crucial. Our consultants are ahead of the game, and they are skilled at mitigating digital threats at the strategic and tactical level, while offering timely advice in practice. We are thus able to solve complex dilemmas in Cyber Security & Privacy in record time.

Inspired, authentic and straight to the point

The consultants at Cqure like to keep you sharp and they keep a close eye on the ball. For us it’s top-flight sport to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. This is a game that we master at the highest level. We give concrete advice: authentic, entrepreneurial, with a critical view and a refreshing winner’s mentality. Our consultants can at all times rely on the expertise and guidance of leading Cyber Security & Privacy partners Erik Vreeswijk & Jelte Westra.

Playing in the Cyber Security & Privacy premier league

The expertise and skills of our consultants are wide-ranging. As a result, they can be deployed to tackle a broad range of issues. We never rest on our laurels; continuous innovation through extensive training and development ensures that we outsmart hackers. As a consultant, do you have what it takes to win every cyber challenge? If so, then you’re welcome in our team.

Our current open positions:

Security Consultant | Information Security Officer (ISO)

PMO Cyber Security & Privacy projects

Allround Security Engineer

Meet up for a (virtual) cup of coffee?

And spar with us about the challenges facing your organization? Or are you considering taking up a consultancy position at Cqure? With Cqure Consulting you can accelerate to a world-class level in Cyber Security & Privacy. Call or send an app to Jesse de Lange via +31 (0)6 195 99 457, or send and email to You can, of course, contact him outside of office hours. 

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