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Why Cqure?

We work non-exclusively and completely independently. We provide both the professional and the client with advice on the current market and the latest techniques when it comes to knowledge, pricing, availability, and so on. That way, everyone knows what’s happening and finds it easier to connect. Cqure sees to these connections, both substantively and commercially.

Our objectives

At Cqure we are keen to contribute to the success of people and organisations. We are committed to growth, to increasing market share, and to productivity gains. We are unique, not just in this endeavour, but in the way we implement it. In addition to providing the best professionals, we are keen to make substantive contributions to the development of ideas and thinking within our field of expertise. We do this by making our knowledge platform available, and by organising knowledge sessions and other content-based events for both security professionals and clients. We always try to bring together three factors: knowledge-sharing, connecting, and fun.

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AddressPrinsengracht 217C
1015 DT Amsterdam
Telephone020 - 364 2909
Dutch Chamber of Commerce no.30213436
VAT NumberNL.8171.17.295.B.01

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Remco Bakker

Partner and Content Manager
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Dennis Nuijens

Partner and Commercial Manager
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Lisanne de Jong

Community Builder | Talent Sourcer
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Hermon Mengsteab

Community Builder | Talent Sourcer
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Sander Krijntjes

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