Recruitment & Selection

Great matches for permanent jobs.

Our formula for success?

Top sport. Pure focus and discipline. We know exactly what’s going on in our market: Cyber Security & Privacy. Just as we understand the ambitions of organizations and professionals. These are unwa-vering, and they’re focused on continuous development. Within this arena we’ve been connecting top talent with leading companies and organizations for years.

A winner’s mentality

Our inspired and passionate recruiters map out the culture of the organization. We also want to find out what gives you energy as a professional. With our winner’s mentality we then search the market proactively. We have a huge Cyber Security & Privacy network and we make optimal use of it. We coach the client and the candidate during the whole process and move quickly and securely to ensure a winning match.

“Sustainably move up to the very highest level in Cyber Security & Privacy, as a professional or as a client”

Meet up for a (virtual) cup of coffee?

Do you want to talk about your Cyber Security & Privacy ambitions? Call or send an app to Sander Krijntjes, +31 (0)6 128 98 753, or send an email to You can, of course, contact him outside of office hours.