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As an organization you strive to get a good head start on competitive cyber criminals. The digital world is changing at breakneck speed, so flexible access to specific cyber expertise is of great importance. At Cqure we know where you can get the best know-how and solutions in the Cyber Security & Privacy arena.

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We have selected a number of the very best Cyber Security & Privacy partners. They excel not only in their unique specialism, from hatching and red teaming to building General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) cloud registers, but also through offering the very latest technological innovations and insights. With their help you can achieve the very best security for your organization’s digital envi-ronment. At Cqure we’re happy to take care of these services for you.

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Scattered Secrets

Prevent hackers from taking over your account! The most complete and advanced solution for combating criminal use of public credentials. Scattered Secrets give you live insight into passwords that relate to your organization that have leaked and have been hacked.

Using the most advanced proprietary techniques we’re able to crack encrypted passwords, so that we can let you know which of your email/password combinations are currently being traded and thus represent a possible threat.

Thanks to this knowledge and insight, we can warn you so that you can proactively see what impact this will have on your systems and organization before the hacker strikes. We monitor everything for you and warn you (only) when information that could actually be misused is received.


Email encryption, centrally managed email at gateway level and on mobile devices.

CipherMail offers products that automatically protect email against unauthorized access whether it is in use or not. The centrally controlled coding gateway supports all major email coding standards such as S/MIME, PGP, TLS and PDF coding and it’s compatible with all email infrastructures. The in-built data-leak prevention module can be configured to filter credit card numbers, bank account numbers, large volumes of email addresses, or other personal information.

GDPR Cloud Register

Quickly and easily make sure your organization is compliant with GDPR using this scan.

Since 25 May 2018, according to the EU’s GDPR privacy law, every company and organization is required to demonstrate how data is processed. This means that all processing must be recorded in a data processing register. Potential data leaks and the rights of those concerned must also be documented. With our GDPR scan we have devised a unique method for determining the maturity of the application of GDPR legislation within an organization, both from a technical and from an organizational perspective.


Automatic malware analyses

Hatching is the driving force behind the most recent developments in Cuckoo Sandbox. We are proud of having developed and maintained various Open-Source projects designed to improve the security community as a whole. In addition to contributing to Cuckoo Sandbox, Hatching offers patented sandboxing solutions such as Hatching Triage. Hatching Triage was designed to analyze large volumes of malware every day, making it the ideal solutions for MSSPs, SOARs and CERTs.

Red Teaming by Outflank

The very best realistic attack simulations.

In cooperation with Outflank, where we also provide training programs, we deliver top-notch Red-Teaming projects. Because our senior staff are very knowledgeable, they can deliver excellent results. The workshop at the end of each project ensures that your level of resilience is extremely high.

Awareness tests with integral results.

Exclusive professional phishing tests. These tests are carried out in an exceptionally professional and extensive manner. We go further than others, both technically and in terms of scale and measurability.


For a good picture of your online footprint.

At Cybersprint we offer active insights into online attack surfaces and digital risks.


Cross-thinker and coach for higher management in Cyber Security & Privacy.

With his experience, knowledge and vision, Wouter Clarie can give very valuable direction to every important strategic decision.


The Cyber Security broker that has a full overview of all terms and cover of all insurers.

Very easy to compare and decide.

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