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As an organization you strive to get a good head start on competitive cyber criminals. The digital world is changing at breakneck speed, so flexible access to specific cyber expertise is of great importance. At Cqure we know where you can get the best know-how and solutions in the Cyber Security & Privacy arena.

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We have selected a number of the very best Cyber Security & Privacy partners. They excel not only in their unique specialism, from hatching and red teaming to building General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) cloud registers, but also through offering the very latest technological innovations and insights. With their help you can achieve the very best security for your organization’s digital envi-ronment. At Cqure we’re happy to take care of these services for you.

Stay one step ahead with the very best Cyber Security & Privacy Services

Call +31 (0)20 364 2909, of send an email to You can, of course, contact us outside of office hours.

Hacked? Day and night Incident Response   

Are you hacked and need immediate help? Send call or What's app directly to +31658812977 and we are going to help you right away! We work with the most experienced experts in the field.   

We find the cause, advise and assist in getting the environment up and running again and can do any negotiations with claimants.   

Managed Detection & Response Service Enterprise and SME+ 

Unbelievable, if you compare these different services with 20 years of experience with other providers in this field. The quality is a lot higher and the price is lower. Why? Because we are able to recognize weird anomalies based on known techniques, tactics and processes (TTPs) that detect them. So no more time-consuming and complex custom use cases. Of course, we work with complex algorithms.  
The result: fewer false positives and thus less work. Onboarding takes no time at all. Do you still believe it? They are both truly unique in this category.  
Do you also want to outsource quality, cheap and fast monitoring, detection & response to the experts? We will help you!   

Account Takeover Prevention Service

Prevent hackers from taking over your accounts! The most complete and advanced solution against crime with public credentials. This service provides live access to passwords relevant to your organization that have been leaked and cracked.  
With the most advanced technology built in-house, we have the richest database of email and cracked password combinations. This allows us to tell you which email plus password combinations relevant to you are currently being trafficked and pose a potential threat.  
Through this knowledge and insight we can proactively warn you, so you can proactively see what impact this has on your systems and organization, before the hacker has struck. We monitor everything for you and only alert you when information that can actually be misused has been obtained.   
We also have a solution for this to protect your customers logging in to your system.  

Ransomware vulnerability analysis | Pentesting | Red Teaming 

  Top level in real-world attack simulation with Ransomware, Red Teaming and Pentesting.  
With these top specialists, your entire IT environment of an organization will be scrutinized. This can be done in a variety of ways. Just like a malicious hacker, we try to get to the highest level of management of an IT environment. This allows us to estimate exactly how far a real ransomware attack could get in your environment.  

World Class Sandboxing  

Automatic malware analysis  
This sandbox is the driving force behind most developments in well-known Open Source Cuckoo Sandbox. We are proud to develop and maintain several Open Source projects to improve the security community as a whole. In addition to contributing to Cuckoo Sandbox, it provides patented sandboxing solutions such as triage. Triage is designed to analyze large amounts of malware every day, making it the ideal solution for MSSPs, SOARs and CERTs.  

Phishing test as a service  

Awareness testing with integral results.   

Professional and exclusive phishing tests. Testing in an exceptionally comprehensive way. The specialist who goes beyond others, both technically and in terms of scope, measurability and dashboarding. 

Attack Surface management  

For a clear picture of your online footprint.   

We provide active insights into online attack surfaces and digital risks. Are any ports open? Are you properly patched? Are there organizations that want to look like you in order to commit fraud? We inform you!   

Secure and automated Microsoft 365 configuration  

The easiest way to protect the most widely used office software platform.  
Simply turn on push notifications to configure everything securely and properly and let us protect your business. We offer the solution for business owners who automatically want to do business more securely. You get essential updates as well as fixes that you activate with one click.   

Being automated compliant  

Because automation makes life more fun!  

Eliminate the burden of compliance, improve your audit quality and gain client confidence by automating work that is ultimately not your core business. Accelerate every step of your compliance journey. Setting up existing or new audits has never been easier. Use the content library to report on compliance domains. Build trust by giving your customers, auditors and other stakeholders a picture of your compliance posture.  

Security state review | Vulnerability analysis | Architecture recommendation  

Do you want to know where you stand? We help you gain insight with the most experienced experts.  
Want to know quickly how your environment is doing and what a seasoned cybersecurity expert would advise you to improve? Thanks to our intensive network, we always have access to the best price/quality ratio for these services. No environment is the same. We know this all too well through our years of experience. Therefore, we know exactly who best suits your environment for the very best results.   

Cyber Security Escaperoom  

Security Awareness Training Escaperoom  
The Cybersecurity Escaperoom is a unique, realistic, interactive and above all fun security awareness training available as an online and real-life version. The goal of the escaperoom is not to escape, but the player himself crawls into the role of a hacker. In the process, players come into contact with a wide range of cyber security-related learning opportunities. The play time is 30-60 minutes, available individually (online) or in teams (online and real-life), in multiple languages and difficulty levels.  

The very best solution for secure emailing  

Email encryption centrally managed email at the gateway level and on mobile devices.  
This unique solution provides products that automatically protect email from unauthorized access during transmission and at rest. The centrally managed encryption gateway supports all major email encryption standards such as S/MIME, PGP, TLS and PDF encryption and is compatible with any email infrastructure. The built-in data leak prevention module can be configured to filter for creditcard numbers, bank account numbers, large amounts of e-mail addresses or other personal information.  

CISO coach and cross thinker  

Cross-thinker and coach for senior management in Cyber Security & Privacy.  

Proven at the very highest level, our cross-thinker's experience, knowledge and vision can provide very valuable direction for any major strategic decision making. 

Cyber Security Insurance  

Closing becomes very easy.  

The Cyber Security insurance advisor who has mapped out all the conditions and coverages of all insurers. 

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