Book presentation: Critical Success Factors for effective Business Information Security

donderdag 11-10-2018

About this event

This event is centered around the new book by Yuri Bobbert & Talitha Papelard: Critical Success Factors for effective Business Information Security. This event will partially a book presentation by the authors themselves and partially a fun and relaxed network opportunity during a boatride on the canals of Amsterdam.

Privacy and security are issues we as a society struggle with on a daily basis, both in our private lives and in our work. We all strive to be happy and safety is an important, but also an uncertain factor in our lives. Every week, we see customers struggling with information security and trying to gain control of it. When Talitha Papelard was younger, she worked in prison, where she felt safer than she does these days on the internet. In prison there was insight into the threat landscape and the measures you had to take when threats occur. It was clear and visible. You simply had to press a red button and a guard or fence was there to protect you. The internet, on the other hand, is complex, invisible and difficult to handle. There’s a sense of urgency to have information security in place but often one has no idea how to do this.

The book describes the critical success factors that are necessary for implementing effective Business Information Security into an organisation. Yuri Bobbert and Talitha Papelard have been doing research for more then a year and both are actively work in information security. This way they hope to contribute to improve the information security field and create more awareness and increase knowledge on how to deal with implementing information security. Via this book they hope to have created a set of core critical success factors that will help organizations gain more control and become less vulnerable, and most of all collectively contribute in a safer internet society.


None. This event is free for those that have been personally invited.


Prinsengracht 217C
1015 DT Amsterdam
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Het programma

Welcome14:45-15:00 h
Interactive bookpresentation15:00-16:30 h
Question round16:30-17:00 h
Boat ride17:00-20:00 h
First exit stop Central Station Amsterdam19:00 h

Experts / sprekers

  1. Yuri Bobbert Chief information security officer at NN Group

    Dr. Yuri Bobbert MSc, CISA, CISM, SCF Is chief information security officer at NN Group. He is associate professor at NOVI University of Applied Sciences, visiting researcher at Antwerp Management School (Belgium) and Radboud University in Nijmegen (The Netherlands). He did his Ph.D. research on improving the maturity of business information security in +100 organizations. He published numerous articles and is the author of several books.

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  2. Talitha Papelard-Agteres Director Business Security bij Northwave

    Talitha Papelard is sinds begin 2018 Director Business Security bij Northwave, waar ze verantwoordelijk is voor de Security & Privacy Office as a Services dienstverlening en een team van Business Security Consultants aanstuurt. Zo helpt ze organisaties naar een hoger niveau van informatiebeveiliging. Daarvoor was ze jarenlang verantwoordelijk voor de cybersecurity diensten van KPN.

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