Knowledge session McAfee - Next steps to advance the maturity of your Security Operations.

Donderdag 16-05-2019

About this event

The toolbox of technologies that can be used within security operations is rapidly growing. Automation, Threat Intelligence, Machine Learning or AI are a few that promise to be the future of Security Operations. The question is what are the real benefits of these technologies for your organization, and how do you incorporate them?

In the first session we take a closer look at Security Operations Architecture.  What are the components you need to enhance detection, investigation and response processes? How can we use architectures like SOAPA and SOAR to mature your Security Operations? How do you make solutions of different vendors work together to improve their effectiveness?

The second session will give insight in Threat Intelligence. What is Threat Intelligence, and how can you use it in your organization? We take a closer look at different threat management solutions. How can you use Threat Intelligence in your Incident response processes? How can you make Threat Intelligence actionable, using it to prevent your assets against attacks?

In the last part we take theory to practice. In our life war-room environment we show how products from different vendors work together with open-source tools. With life examples we show the benefits of automation, we show what can be done with Threat Intelligence to make Security Operations more efficient.

On Thursday May 16, 2019, we will be actively discussing this topic for 3 hours in which we will give a central discussion on the topic in an intimate group. There is room for questions, comments and opinions for everyone. We have experienced in previous editions that this gives a lot of depth and that benefits knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer.

As always, we close this event with a drink and a snack. Do you also want to talk and listen, so that you can use the information obtained from it directly in your specific organization? Do you just want to discuss with professionals about this complicated topic? That is also possible!

Cqure wants to be sure that we have sufficient knowledge available. That is why we found McAfee willing to be hosting the knowledge session together with us. From McAfee, two experts are present: Mo Cashman and Martin Ohl. You can find more information about them in their expert profiles, at the bottom of this page.

Please note that this event will be held in English. 


None, we believe that sharing knowledge doesn't always have to cost money.


This event meets the requirements of CISSP with regard to obtaining certification (PE) points. You get 3 points for participating in this event. After the event, you will receive a proof of participation by e-mail if you have met the requirement of signing in and out at the start and finish of the event.


McAfee International B.V. EBC Room
Boeing avenue 30
1119 PE Schiphol-Rijk
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Het programma

13:30 -14:00Welcome at McAfee EBC
14:00 - 14:05Start and opening of the sessions
14:05 - 15:15Advanced SecOps Workshop and Threat Intelligence
15:15 - 16:00Live War Room demo
16:00 - 17:00Discussion about all mentioned topics
17:00 - 18:00Drinks

Experts / sprekers

  1. Mo Cashman - Principle Engineer at McAfee

    Mo Cashman is one of McAfee’s passionate leaders in cyber security. As an Enterprise Architect and recently appointed Principle Engineer at McAfee, Mo inspires our next generation security professionals and advises our largest global customers on how to make security an enabler for their business.

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  2. Martin Ohl - Solution Architect at McAfee

    Martin is a Solution Architect for the EMEA region and joined McAfee in 2013. He is specialized in building enterprise architecture designs, Blueprints and integrations aligned to the key cyber security outcomes. 

    Meer over Martin Ohl