Manager or Senior Consultant Security within Industrial Control Systems

Function description

We are looking for experienced security specialist in the field of Industrial Control Systems (ICS/SCADA) for the Information Protection Services team of our client.

What the client requests

We are looking for Industrial Control Systems specialists with in-depth knowledge on Security and the broader Cyber Defense for these Industrial Environments, whilst also being able to translate the findings / recommendations to our clients on management and board levels. Preferably, you possess the follow capabilities and characteristics:

  • You have hands-on experience with the security of Industrial Control Systems, as well the various relevant components and architectural variations within these domains;
  • You are interested in new developments in your domain (such as digitalizing, wireless, advanced controllers, more and more IT focus) and are keen on exploring the added value and security risks of this for our clients;
  • You are well aware of the latest attacker Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTPs) in the ICS domain and can translate these to use cases for detection;
  • You have a clear vision on security within Industrial Control Systems environments and are willing to share your view in presentations for our clients and at conferences;
  • You enjoy sharing your in-depth knowledge with our team to train less experienced colleagues.
  • Experience in consultancy is not per se required, but we do expect an entrepreneurial and client-focused attitude from you. As a senior consultant, you will be the Industrial Control Systems security expert in engagement teams. If you apply for a manager role, we expect business development capabilities from you. Also note that our team has a very international character, so fluency in English is a requirement.

What the client offers

This company offers their services to the champions league of organisations, in The Netherlands, and abroad e.g. Middle East and Asia. They work at Industrial Environments where information security really matters. Their team of specialists is best-in-class and will challenge you to get the best out of yourself. Of course, they offer internal and external training to help you reach this goal. But most of all, they are a very close and fun team, that you can be a part of.

Organization description

Information Protection Services is a team of specialists. They help their clients in the broad spectrum of information security, ranging from security strategy and awareness, to ethical hacking and incident response. Their specialists strive to be the very best consultants, who can advise their clients on the most complex information security issues. One of the sub teams is specifically focused on Industrial Control Systems services, covering all kinds of industries but primary O&G, heavy industries, chemicals and Energy.


Uren per week40 upw
Meer informatie?Dennis Nuijens (06 588 12 977)