Martijn Sprengers

Information security advisor

Martijn Sprengers
M.J. (Martijn) Sprengers MSc is employed as an IT Security Consultant at KPMG IT Advisory. He graduated in the area of Computer Security and has more than 7 years of relevant experience with IT security. He is specialised in multiple facets of assessing IT security: ethical hacking, social engineering, penetration testing, red teaming and IT auditing. Clients include major corporations, such as large financial institutions, governments and petrochemical organisations. More recently, Martijn has developed into the realm of industrial IT security (e.g. SCADA/Process Control Domain solutions) with a focus on new developments and threats.Martijn was involved in national and international engagements related to complex IT security environments, IT security auditing, security frameworks and advisory services, both in the roles of team lead and team member. Furthermore, Martijn performed research on password encryption techniques, has written multiple articles in the field of IT security, cybercrime and cryptography. He gives guest lectures and has presented on (inter)national conferences.Specialties: Computer and network security, password recovery, ethical hacking and penetration testing, red teaming, cryptography and its applications.

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