Mischa Rick van Geelen

Renowned hacker, speaker, entrepreneur and forensic security researcher

Mischa Rick van Geelen
Mischa is an experienced IT forensic security researcher, speaker and entrepreneur. Because of his insights into the technologies of today and the impact and dangers of the Internet on society, Mischa is able to bring business and hackers closer to each other.Helping organizations to make the digital landscape safer In his spare time, he reports security vulnerabilities to organizations in an effort to make the digital landscape safer. Mischa also takes care of his workshops, presentations and lectures on the dangers of the Internet for more and better awareness within organizations.In the fight against cybercrime Mischa made a special finding in 2017 in search of Internet leaks, a criminal server used to register fake domain names. Among other media outlets like Tweakers, paid attention to Mischa's research.Mischa in media about cyber security Mischa is widely asked by the media to explain the dangers of the digital landscape. In 2017 he was featured in the New Revu, explaining the new dangers for organizations, such as Ransomware, Internet-of-Things and other digital threats.

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