Pieter Jansen

CEO/Founder at Cybersprint

Pieter Jansen
Pieter Jansen is a passionate cybersecurity-specialist who has grown Cybersprint (2015) in two years time into a scale-up with an impressive customer base and track record.In his previous life as a Security Manager and Ethical Hacker he has worked on both the offensive and defensive side of Cybersecurity. His motto ‘Defense is hard, offense is easy’ forms the base of the Cybersprint-platform.Background Pieter started working with computers, when he was about eight years old. He had a special interest in the technical side of how computers are working and, because his father was one of the early adopters of The Internet in The Netherlands, he was engaged with Internet and security matters already at young age. His curiosity led him to hacking communities, where he learned more about the possibilities of hacking and the damage it can cause. Soon, he tried to find ways to protect IT systems from malicious hack attempts as an ethical hacker.His professional life started at 17 years old. He worked as an IT & security developer at several organizations. After a few years, Pieter started to work as an independent consultant in IT and Security, next to finishing his study. Based on his experience, Pieter saw new possibilities in developing a platform protecting the online environment of organizations. He decided to give his ambition ‘to make the world more secure’ a new dimension, by starting his own company in Digital Risk Monitoring. Within Cybersprint he built Europe’s first a unique Digital Risk Monitoring (DRM) platform. This platform scans the online attack surface of an organization to find hidden or unknown vulnerabilities.Philosophy One of Pieter’s favorite hobbies is Aikido, not only because of the sport and technique but also because of the philosophy. Aikido is an effective manner for defending against arbitrary attacks and a discipline of coordination. Individual physical and mental forces are strengthened and fused to create an organic and integrated whole, which has a beneficial e ect on the overall functioning. The sport has helped Pieter to develop a unique set of interpersonal skills e.g. to detect the actions of an individual and to copy the good parts to use it for the better.The philosophy behind the DRM platform is inspired partially by Aikido: by learning & copying attack patterns and translating them into proper defensive mechanisms. Being a former ethical hacker and security expert he for sure knows: ‘Defense is hard, offense is easy.’www.cybersprint.com

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