Tess Sluijter

Unix and security consultant

Tess Sluijter
In Tracy Kidder's "The soul of a new machine"‚Äč, engineer Tom West was described as "a good man in a storm". I think that's such a wonderful characterization! That's what I want to be! Experienced, quick to learn and helpful.I thoroughly enjoy being thrown at new and unfamiliar projects, where there's an immediate need for someone to "go figure it out"! And when things have been figured out, I ensure that my colleagues are left with proper documentation, so they can continue work even if I move on to another project.My current projects? I've just passed my OSCP certification (OffSec Certified Pen-tester), which was an absolute blast! Now I'm working on my MCSA-2016 and I'm teaching myself RF and hardware hacking, by performing a security assessment of a home alarm system.OSCP, CEH, CISSP, RHCE, RHCSA, PSM-I, ITILv3 and more! It's a veritable alphabet soup!

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