Marcus Bakker & Ruben Bouman

Blue Teaming Expert & Cyber Defence Specialist

Marcus Bakker & Ruben Bouman

Marcus is a passionate IT Security professional with eight years of experience. Marcus loves solving complex problems using creative and innovative ideas and putting them into practice. Marcus enjoys helping organisations to build solutions and to come up with smart ideas that really make a difference and are of high value to the organisation. Marcus is excited by sharing his knowledge with people, learning from others, fostering a good team spirit, continuing to improve and always staying ahead of the curve.

Ruben is a security specialist and co-owner of Sirius Security. He has almost 10 years of experience in cyber security such as cyber defence / blue teaming, fraud investigations, malware analysis, forensic investigations and incident response and is also having a deep knowledge of IT and IT infrastructure. Ruben has also a bunch of programming skills and likes to program from time to time. He's also contributing to the open source community. Ruben likes to improve things, goes for the best results and is devoted to help organisations taking the next steps in their cyber defence.

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