Youri Biesmans

Information Security & Privacy (GDPR) Consultant

Youri Biesmans
For almost 20 years now, Youri Biesmans is breathing cybersecurity. Protecting organisations from bad guys became a passion. For 6 years Youri was a member of an international Computer Incident Response Team and performed several forensic investigations for international companies around the globe. Having all these valuable experiences and technical knowledge Youri changed position and transformed from a techie to a non-techie. Now Youri is helping organisations integrating and improving cybersecurity in a very structured and pragmatic way. He did projects for a wide variety of organisations, from big international companies in the public, financial, pharmaceutical, transportation, energy and nuclear sector to smaller local companies developing applications or providing HR services. Youri is also assisting companies in obtaining ISO 27001 certification and getting them GDPR compliant. All projects are managed based on a combination of 3 key ingredients: a healthy common sense, a structured and pragmatic approach and a sense of humour.

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