Martijn Veken

Senior security consultant bij Sirius Security

Martijn Veken
I’m an IT security professional who likes to make things, break things and above all improve things. I like my job because it’s really all about understanding how things work at the lowest technical detail. It also requires a mindset to look at things in a different way than most people do. This way I can find flaws and evidence in places where others don’t look.Although a large part of my work is at a very technical level, I think the communication part of it is just as important. For example: in the reports we write at Sirius Security we do not only explain the problem, but also the risks involved and possible solutions in a very understandable way. Making people understand their situation and their options really helps them in making the right decisions.For me, communication doesn’t stop at writing reports. I really enjoy writing articles and blog posts and giving presentations and training sessions. Sharing knowledge this way is both fun and rewarding. It’s also one of the strongest weapons we have against the security challenges we’re facing today.

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